Our Brands

THF International Ltd

THF International Ltd is a Hong Kong company with investment and assets in cancer treatment medical devices and equipment. The company owns who operating companies in South Africa namely: THF Management Co and Hummingbird Century City established register and operate cancer treatment center in South Africa. The company and its South African subsidiaries are 90% owned by Rural Asset Management Services, Inc. that invests in biotechnology, life sciences, software and ICT.

Natural Health Farm

Natural Health Farm (Labuan) Inc is an on offshore company incorporated in Labuan, Malaysia which offers attractive 3% tax on profit. The company is clinical-stage life sciences company that holds the exclusive license for registering and commercializing PhotosoftÔ technology for treatment of all cancers across Sub-Sahara African region. The technology has been licensed in Australia, New Zealand, China, Malaysia and Sub-Sahara Africa. The human clinical trial efforts have started in Australia and China conducted by Hudson Medical Institute, Australian.