Our purpose
“making natural products
to improve people`s health”.
We are an international healthcare company
“making natural products
to improve people`s health”.
Our growth stategy is
“ grow, acquire, expand and digitalize.”

Our Story

Rayont, Inc. (RAYT) is a publicly traded company incorporated in Nevada, USA since its inception in 2011. In 2018, the Company repositioned itself  to focus on healthcare including the manufacturing of alternative medicine products and services across the entire value chain.

Longer term, we have also invested in a ground breaking cancer treament technology through an exclusive license arrangement for the Sub-Saharan African territories.

Headquartered in Australia with expanding operations internationally, our purpose is “Making Natural Products to Improve People`s Health”. We do this by investing in early research and development, establishing high quality manufacturing assets for regional distribution and operating across the alternative medicine value chain.

Our underlying strategy is to grow organically, selectively acquire, scale profitable assets and improve efficiency through digitalisation.

Our Growth Model


We grow our current assets organically by re-engineering the operations using lean operations principles. This translates in eliminate waste, reduce operating cost and increase in profits.


We aquire healthcare assets that have proven track record with potential to grow and scale globally. This enables Rayont to become a global healthcare company.


We scale and expand the current assets by acquiring similar assets to achieve optimal size and scale of operations and achieve synergy across different assets.


We use latest technology to make our products and services available to our customers in new ways or channels like e-commerce, mobile application, augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

Our Products & Services

Rayont Inc products and services portfolio align with our purpose “making natural products to improve people`s health” and our growth model “grow, acquire, expand and digitalize.” Our products and services focus across healthcare value chain from research & development, manufacturing distribution and services.

Rayont`s products and services balance between long term and short term as well as current cash generating and future proof all designed to create sustainable revenue and growth model for Rayont`s stakeholders.


Aleem SheikhPresident and CEO
Reyad FezzaniNon-Executive Director &
Chairman of The Board
Marshini ThulkanamDirector & Chief Financial Officer
Leilani LatimerNon-Executive Director
Dhurata ToliSecretary


Aleem SheikhPresident and CEO
Marshini ThulkanamChief Financial Officer
Vennesia SaundersVice President of Healthcare
Haydn ErbsVice President of Corporate Development
Dhurata ToliVice President of Corporate Services

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